What are the causes of man boobs?

What are the causes of man boobs? Do you want to know why it takes place? There are some major causes of gynecomastia, also known as "man boobs." And there are millions of people all over the world who are silently suffering from this condition.

 Rapid and effective treatment - i. e. removal of man breasts - depends on understanding what made them develop in the first place. This article provides a brief breakdown of the main causes of man boobs to help you understand what factors in your life could cause excessive breast tissue growth in your body.


Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalances that cause breast tissue hypertrophy occur in infants, prepubescent boys and middle-aged to older men. In children, mild gynecomastia is a relatively normal consequence of hormonal changes and usually disappears within a few weeks.

 However, as an adult male, sudden tissue growth around the nipple is much more likely to be permanent and much more likely to be an underlying problem that you should treat. Age, medications, illicit drug use, alcoholism, obesity and serious diseases such as hyperthyroidism or tumors can affect the normal hormonal balance in your body.

There are dozens of hormonal mechanisms that can be involved, but essentially anything that causes your body to circulate more estrogen (a "female" hormone) than androgens (male hormones) can make your breast tissue grow.

Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs can cause your "man breasts". A long and varied list of approved medications is associated with gynecomastia as a side effect. These drugs are designed to treat everything from ulcers to depression, heart disease and more.

 If you suspect that your medication has this effect, talk to your family doctor or specialist as soon as possible. In some cases, it may be possible to exchange this drug for another chemical that has the same effect through another mechanism.

 However, in some cases, such as in the treatment of testicular cancer, the drug does much more good than harm to your body and you should accept small changes to your body in exchange for a longer and healthier life.


Obesity is a double-edged sword. Excess fat is deposited all over the body, including the chest, resulting in the appearance of "man breasts" without real glandular growth. This type of "man breast" is much easier to treat than real gynecomastia - weight loss, exercise and firming skin nutrients should get your breast back in shape without complications.

 However, the presence of excess fat can also cause the metabolism of androgens to estrogens in the body, resulting in the hormonal imbalance discussed earlier, and stubborn male breasts that will not solve lifestyle changes and difficult work alone.

Steroid abuse

Many drugs and steroidal creams are prescribed for real medical conditions, but all steroids can cause an increase in estrogen.

Within a week of taking steroids, you may begin to experience tenderness, sensitivity and discomfort around one or both nipples, followed by glandular growth behind the nipple and finally the beginning of the breasts.

 Dosage and duration increase the severity of the problem, and discontinuing recreational steroid use - or rejecting it in the first place - is the only answer.

Treatment options for man breasts

Man boobs are becoming more common - at least 35% of adult men in the USA and Australia are affected. The list of causes is long and varied, but fortunately, the treatment is quite simple.

The first answer should be to find out, with the help of your family doctor and, if necessary, a specialist, what it has caused in you. If the cause is a natural part of your body's healthy and normal physiological processes, you don't have to worry, but you can use compression jackets to hide your appearance if you want.

 If you have a serious or growing case, your doctor may prescribe medical treatment to reduce it, and if you resist it, or if medical treatment is not an option for you (due to another condition or possible deficiency of other medications), surgery is another option. Once you know what are the causes of man breasts, it is very easy to find a solution  to get rid of man breasts at home naturally.