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How To Get Rid Of man Boobs At Home—Best Gynecomastia Treatment

A decade ago, I had no idea that boys might have breasts! Well, guys are not supposed to have boobs, only girls have boobs. This was the common perception I had like everyone else in the past. So you can imagine my shock when I discovered I had boobs like women. Yes, man breasts. I was really horrified!

That's how I stumbled upon to this common, though embarrassing, a disease called male gynecomastia, the growth of breast tissue in men. Although my doctor assured me that it would not kill me, and he also informed me patiently---and sympathetically-- that it could be the result of:

- Abnormalities associated with diseases such as Klinefelter syndrome, - Decreased testosterone production in older men, - A side effect of a drug, - Metabolic disorders.

Male gynecomastia, however, is generally treated as a superficial disease that has no real effect on a person's health. While male breast hypertrophy is hardly considered a life-threatening disease, it still has a number of physical and psy…